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Learnings from Twitter

October 22, 2011 Leave a comment

A few months back, I made a post  that spoke of my little angst against Twitter. The opinion was :

The gluttony of information, the pressure to consume them all will take a
toll someday, I believe. Instead one could also make use of Twitter to
follow only a few, far away from the glare of following a number of
celebrities or trending topics such as @BronxZoosCobra .

What I failed to notice was the inability on my side to understand how Twitter works. Also in that same post I found an interesting statistic.

According to a recent finding, 50% of the tweets consumed are produced
by top 20,000 elite users. Leading the pack are media outlets, which are
followed by celebrities.

Devoting some time to see how things work, I made a few observations. And I hereby present it.
How people use it:
1. Running Commentary: These include the ones from media outlets(mostly news) or people who are really jobless or which are from people employed to do it, who keep bombarding with tweets in minutes interval. Want a taste? Try Alyssa Milano.
2. Conversational: Some use it for conversing with the people. Mostly it will be replies to some tweets or tweets that contain answers to some questions.
3. No Non-sense 140 characters: Insightful comments or links.Some just tweet very important things that matters.
4. Group Chat : It’s very cool for group broadcasting which puts other similar services to shame. Just take of group of friends with very different handles from their reality identity and just follow and be followed in a small group of friends. Result: Something that is replacement of conversing in a room. The reason which we can believe is that the Twitter is the best possible medium for shared experience(They can hang out on IRC’s too. But sadly many aren’t interested and the ease of using Twitter with a multliplicity of devices overwhelms IRC).

Many a times, the third type leads to second type.

There’s an interesting presentation about using Twitter here.

After all this, I will just be an enlightened user. If you are like me for whom the constant anxiety of checking for new tweets is less interesting than obsessiveness towards unfettered attention ,don’t you know what you like?

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