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Why I love Internet

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the foremost reasons I love Internet is being able to explore hitherto unknown territories which I don’t know. It’s fun in the sense in that you may land up wasting your time or experiencing things you could never happen to hear about or learn in the normal days frequently. It’s an adventure- if not in the forest but at least in the unknown networks.
Why am I writing this piece of fondness now? Because of three reasons.
Firstly, Lifepath. The Next Web, is a news site about Internet I hadn’t visited before very often although at times I saw it on in the pages of Hacker News. Bored, I headed out to check the site. The site is really cool. Browsing through the articles, I hit upon a new site, Lifepath. Created by Dustin Curtis, on the face of it is really awesome. It details the person time line through amazing design as a whole. In its pre-alpha stage, it takes $5 to sign up for the impatient. The article I read contained tole me that they had 10 free invites with them and people who shared their significant milestone in their life on the Facebook page of The Next Web would be sent to the best 10 comments. The next morning I see an invitation in my inbox to get my own lifepath. Here it is.Sometimes, the sheer presence in a particular place( in this case, an article) can be a significant factor. For me, it was just an invitation I never expected in first place¬† which sent me to Cloud 9.Try something like this, may be you may end up meeting your life partner.
Secondly, it’s The website gives intuitive explanation on a number of things. Check out the math shortcuts, how to blog, know thyself. Math-o-phobic may find some solace here after reading articles like Permutations and Combinations. The aha-moments that the site tries to get from the article readers of a post is something that has to be experienced first-hand.
This guy, Kalid, the creator of site is awesome too. His old Princeton University web page has some interesting links. Check it out for yourself. The best part was that I stumped on a free personality test called Jung Indicator. Jung is a master. We all know it.  I always wanted to try the test, though I had read it elsewhere and it would cost me few dollars. But now i had a website which allowed me to take the test. It turns out I am an INTJ in Briggs-Meyer terminology and a Mastermind in Keirsey variant.
Take the test. Knowing who you are is something others can’t tell it for you. This may not be the last piece of seal that defines you. Nevertheless, it spells out what your preferences are provided you take the test honestly. Do it now.
The third reason is getting across a link by some passed-out Harvard University student long time back who is/was a hobby game programmer. It has a number of links I throughly enjoyed.This made my mind to have a page which contains interesting links.
It is here. Check it out.
Before you leave, have you taken the personality test? Created your own link page which others may find worthwhile? Gave a thought to try a few unknown sites for yourself?
I came to know about this all because of Hacker News. Thank you, HN.The awesome people who comment there, the amazing people who share the links.And the person who recommended to me about the site back in October 2010, djd4rce.

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