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Lists for Happiness, Satisfaction

July 10, 2011 Leave a comment

         We all love lists. Don’t we? Favorite movie lists, grocery list and the list goes on. It seems that we find they them succinct, not heavy to digest,just made for any purpose.
        Today I will write about a few lists that will probably bring a few smiles on your face. Some of them I have read it somewhere, some are of my own cooking. Add any other lists you follow and your experience if you have followed any below in the comments.

The old rules apply-reading this lists without applying them in whatever way you like is a waste of time.

  • Personal list
  • What-I-shouldn’t forget list
  • Link list 
  • Reading list
  • Don’t-know-the-word list 
  • Dictionary list 
  • Movies list
  • Felt-Good-Moment list
  • Ideas list
  • To-do list

Personal list

  This is just be a list about yourself. Probable things you can find in this list would be your weakness, strengths, other statistical facts such as BMI, important medical health indicators. Don’t feel narcissistic though as you are not going to publicize it, unless you want to. It comes handy when you are required to tell your weaknesses, strengths and you wouldn’t hit upon any( It frequently happens, won’t it?). Highly useful while preparing for interviews for a quick revision or tell-me-about-yourself occasions.

What-I-shouldn’t forget list

  This is more of a fact list except for one reason- it has something that you don’t want to forget. This can be your niece’s birthday or your favourite celebrity birthday. Commit to memory to go through this list every now and then and the list becomes useless and you can take another similar list then on. For example, my list would contain the current events happenings such as the new capital of South Sudan, its first President and some trivia about South Sudan. It would also contain some of quotes from the serials and movies I love and want to memorize it.

Link List

This is essentially a list of all the websites you love or want to visit. Firefox works great for me with its great history and bookmark manager. A bit of book-keeping sometimes can give you a list of all the websites you love at one place- they are just a click away.
  You can share your list with others too. For example, here’s my list.

Reading List

  Book lovers love this. Just to put a list of all books under a single banner feels such an accomplishment. Websites like GoodReads ease the pain. For some people who read books not only in English but also in other languages a handy simple reading list will serve the purpose. If its a digital list, you can share too!
  Above screen-shot is from here.

Don’t know the word List

  This list goes hand in hand with the next Dictionary list. It works this way. When reading a book we frequently come across new words not in our vocabulary. What do you do ? Skip it or make note of it? Skipping it will miss us from getting to know something extra from what we are doing already. Sort of extra cheese on top of a cheese burger. So its better to keep a list ( a small folded sheet will do) and write down the page number and the word we came across. Next time, when you are free you can go back to the list and pick some words. This is far better than opening a dictionary just to learn some few words. What’s more, the folded sheet doubles up as a bookmark too!

Dictionary List

 If you look up the word you noted down in Don’t know the Word list and learn it, this is the new home for the word you have just learnt. This is the type of list every one tells you to maintain when improving your vocabulary. It can contain the word you learnt, its different forms, its meaning in different contexts and usage of the word in a sentence. I use Wordnet on Ubuntu(Screen shot above).

Movies list

 This is just like the reading list but for the movies. This contains the movies you watched, location( Theater(which place?) or on Television(which channel?) . The people you watched with. Unlike the reading list, this list is not a solitary list of items but it includes people as well. You can even pin the movie tickets and make the list look like a memorabilia. Movies is just a namesake, It can be a painting list or anything like that.( Screen shot is my simple digital list. I have a handwritten list with tickets ,location etc)

Felt-Good Moments list

Image by rodrigorivera via Flickr
 No one’s life is full of roses. There are happy as well as sad moments. That’s the reason for this list. You may feel elated and contented on achieving something. It can be finding your long lost love letter of yesteryears, or the time you were there to celebrate New Year or a festival with your loved ones. By noting them in this list, you can always bring back the memories. In the days of failure, sadness, it definitely will  lighten you and reinvigorate you in doing something harder and in rekindling the spirits.

Ideas list

Image by KaiChangVong via Flickr
 This is the list solely for your ideas. We all have ideas however crazy or odd it may seem. I get the most wonderful ideas when I am doing something irrelevant to the subject. For example, a wonderful subject to write about in the blog while studying for the exams!! If I don’t pay heed to it, I may lose it forever. I remember reading that Archimedes was taking bath when the ‘Eureka’ moment happened; Kekule saw the structure of Benzene ring in his sleep in the form of a circled snake. You never know when you get lucky!!!

To-do list

 This list is a staple of all productivity lists. Let’s not talk about the list except for the fact that being organized ,having a list of things to do in a particular day or week can help us in maintaining all the other list discussed above. As you see above, I just don’t keep the dates but only what to do for this to-do list. You can customize how you want it according to your taste.

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