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Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants

The doctor(assuming he is one of those creative guys) treats patients routinely. He recommends them medicines, which isn’t his creation. The engineer although technically a creative professional, these days he is nothing more than finding some quick hack that has crept into a system that someone else has already designed. I can specially say of software profession where the possibility in knowing a complete device/system – and the joy associated with it – is gone these days.

While the work they do is might be intrinsically satisfying to them and saves lives etc. , do they get to do something they can claim full credit for?

In case of a writer, behind each page that appears in a book, is the torn/erased words that fails to see the light of the day. Similarly, behind a successful scientist’s successful experiment are untold stories of failure.

Although, the works in both the cases are original,done individually and the rightful claim be demanded, no one can deny the fact that even they are “standing on the shoulders of the giants.”

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