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From Children to Child

Recently, Marissa Mayer took over as the new Yahoo CEO.On the same day her appointment was announced, she revealed that she was expecting a baby in the month of October. She is 37 now.
Back in late 90s, when Bill Gates married Melinda Gates, he was 38 something. For Steve Jobs, his wedding was also after 35.
Looking at the age of the marriages and the first child,the raising age of marriages is revealing. For greater emphasis on career, women are pushing ahead the nuptial part of their life.
If their children too are marrying at the fag end of thirties, think about the grandchildren of these people. Presently, in India, there are families where the woman watches here grand-grandchild transition into adolescence from childhood.
If these were to remain relevant in the light of these development at a larger scale, increasing the longetivity of a person is the answer. But given the number of sedantary lifestyle related health issues and related conditions, it looks like finally the time is fast approaching when a person will only be content to live long enough to see their children.
Again, with increasing number of couple opting for single child, should the children be replaced with child instead?

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