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What I Can Do

I have always been a big dreamer. Not only imagining creations that can help me with everyday things but also very big complex systems that really easy to get lost in. So, I can dream.

If such is the case, why can’t I change the ordinary things that I come across everyday? Take for example, the content that is seen on TV. If you happen to know Kannada, it isn’t difficult in realizing the present trend of Kannada TV industry in having a propensity towards bringing in unscientific graphic details i.e. animations, while keeping Indian religious sentiments as its background. Some of them don’t even add value even in respect to knowledge of Indian religious practices,mythology etc. instead  en cashing on the little bit of traditions,belief that a larger amount of population is accustomed to. Why not make a serial similar to Mahabharata that was telecasted at the end of 20th century which not only entertains but also expands our knowledge.

Keeping it aside, why don’t we look at the other locker room ? What if the people simple wanted to spend time ? What if they didn’t care whether the item being telecasted was factually correct or not as long as their entertainment factor( in their perception) remained high ?
Expanding it further, what if they believed that watching news – which would broaden our knowledge – would most of the time feed them depressing,sad items, telecasts and the ‘worldly’ problems which would deteriorate their being further in addition to their already insurmountable problems?

As long as the content producers can milk the rich cows who pay to see the television channels do they care what is being beamed ?

When I can’t even convince my brother of my opinion that watching a movie for the fifth time is futile while he continues to enjoy the time watching it, what can I do about bigger problems that I dream of solving by expecting others to behave in a co-operative way?

But there is always one thing I can do : decide and do what I want to just like any other. And pay attention to what I what do (Thanks for this tip, DFW).

So, here it is, writing about the issue to my heart’s content, as always.

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