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Farewell to Thee

We had a farewell a few days back. Below are the two thoughts that struck like a lightning and are busy humming in my ears as I make my exit from a college out into the real world.

Considering the year I am graduating, there are approximately 700 people passing  out. If each of them has 4 years of memories of this college, then 2800 years is the total experience the collective graduating year students have gone through and experienced. It would take a single person nearly 28 lives to live all of them. How many hours of those years did we share with even our closest friends? If that is less than half, what about the acquaintances? In short, we really know a lot less about people whom we think we really know them better.

Proceeding along this line I was confounded about the hard limit each person has regarding the  community he/she is associated. Internet has found homes to many including myself. Considering it doesn’t exist, how many do live a life that is completely outside the community boundaries? A community is not something a person is attached to by birth, rather it has to do with the surroundings(school,college one went to, places he/she worked). It is amazing to see how difficult it is to break the barrier (like fall in love with someone outside the school/college/university one studies in).

At the end of the day, we laugh, party,share our feelings with the same people who are in our stream/profession or have the same interests. Is the bar to high to cross? Think about journalists or diplomats or programmers. Who do they spend their free time with? Every time I read/hear about someone, it falls within the same realm of people and the same interest/profession reason I mentioned above. Very few raise a toast with people from other professions etc. Clubs, associations might have seen the light of the day for this particular obstacle to fall apart.

When I think of all these, it makes me really curious what my friends, people I know and myself go on to do in their life and whom they chose for a company – that includes choosing a life-partner.

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