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The Compass That Adjusts Accordingly

Steve Jobs has passed away. With him he bought his talent, passion and dedication to the products which he cared for. He is now departing living behind a legacy that one a few can really match in the generations to come.

Paul Erdos, has to his credit the highest number of contributions in Mathematical field authoring more than 1500 mathematical articles, collaborating with 500 other collaborators.Euler published more papers, while Euler published more pages says Wikipedia.

Why is Erdos brought in from nowhere?

In order to understand, we should now about their background first. Jobs, was put for adoption on birth, walked a few miles to eat at Hare Krishna Temple in his early days, slept on the floors,dropped out of college afterwhile, then went back to Silicon Valley attending HomeBrew Club meetings. The rest is History beginning with the introuduction of Apple-I.

Erdos never married in his lifetime.

The above description sketches the humble circumstances in the beginning days of Jobs. Armed with only time to his credit, he spent it wisely and on the things that mattered to him(He mentions in his Stanford Commencement Speech of 2005).Erdos on the other hand, presents himself who devoted much of his lifetime to advancing the field of Mathematics.

Jobs represents a being who can reach the very high levels when one is passionate and not bogged down by any other pressures. It speaks about a person who had pure passion with adequate time to understand, perfect the product, realize the dreams he dreamt. They are many incidents which includes his attitude to care of the slightest of judgements about the appearance of icon even on a Sunday.

Similarly, Erdos by staying as a Bachelor found immense amount of time to pursue his ideas and formulate them.

Richard Feymann, in one of his interviews, speaks of elongated periods of time required to develop an idea. He calls himself a ‘selfish’ who is willing to do his Physics.

Jobs and Erdos will remain for ages and represent a class of people who reached the epitome by devoting their life to what they wished, with time used judiciously as a potent weapon.

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