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Sprinkling for the Soul

Life sometimes seems daunting; sometimes scary; at times boring ; yet another time full of blessings. In the normal life of trepidation,angst and remorsefulness there seems to be a tiny window of cheerfulness. If we count on what that depends, invariably we are exhilarated by things,moments that happen in a jitter –  A sprinkling for the soul !!!
Some of these common sprinklers :

    •  A soulful voice reverberating in the ears
  •  A picture that kindles memories that are dear or resonates persistently

  •  A voluptuous eatable that tantalizes the taste buds

  •  A line that conveys a message; an eternal truth that suddenly lurks out and flows like a wave.

” Kindness is like a snow ; it beautifies everything it covers.”

And we try to return again and again for that pleasure, experience, emotion that we felt for the first time. Each moment that yearns for the consumed –  a realization marked by a fleeting factor.

Life is so deceitful. Or is that we make it to be ?

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