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Why the actors are superheroes in South Indian Movies?

This post will be dedicated to the South Indian Cinema and its special characteristic feature. Specifically, the factors that affect the realism of the film.

How many have you seen a scene in which the punch of the hero is enough to get the opponents airborne and throw away as if he is hit by a moving truck? Though it serves as a good laugh for the realistic, there is an understandably inevitable reason behing such ‘heroic’ ventures.

How many of us walk in to theatre to see a regional movie? Not many of us, probably. The other day I noticed that the only theatre in Kapu(Udupi District, Karnataka) is being converted into a community hall. Who’s to blame? That accounts for another post.

There is little discordance when I say that the people who throng the cinemas are from the lower strata of the economy. Mostly,these are the people who live in make-shift tents working in the construction industry or the people who are not that ‘affluent’ to buy for themselves a little television( Although,Television is now seen in many a homes).

When we can while away time watching TV, play online games, interact through social networking, play console games, what do they get to cheer their spirits up at the end of the week? Cinema theatre comes into picture.( In that way , these are lucky to be in urban areas. Think of the people who live in villages far away from the existence of theatres. Disgusted , men sadly resort to liquor).

This brings a special issue. The issue of taking care of their fantasies. Though I can’t explain to you what people used to do before cinemas became a mainstream affair, it’s now an part and parcel of those people.
I fondly recall my childhood watching Tom and Jerry , though I wasn’t a cartoon buff. For the other part, I saw the movies. May be I should say things that were more realistic.

If I get to have my fantasies played out in other medium I was exposed to, what do they have except for the cinema? Don’t they deserve to play their dreams thinking of themselves in hero’s place? Where else is the oppurtunity? Mind you, they don’t read comic books either.

This seems to the reason I believe which has motivated the directors and the producers to stick on with the tweaked-out reality. Some people from the upper strata don’t like it. But they are not the ones who ring the cash bells,are they?

I am not saying that upper class shouldn’t watch film or that they don’t deserve to. Indeed, it’s about survival in the market. When everyone thinks of staying afloat , who cares when the concerns of the minority is neglected?

So, what can the so called ‘higher class’ people do? See their heroes in the films? Not necessarily so. Instead, by flocking the theatres more and more, they too should sound the bells about their presence as an avid cinema buff.

Everyone deserves their say. And for this to happen, the time to act is now. The English and the Hindi cinema industry will do fine without you. It’s your regional language cinema industry that is in dire need of its own people for its survival.

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