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Choice and Necessity

  (Disclaimer : This may sound a bit Chauvinistic.I am just presenting my observations. You are free to disagree, condemn, hate.)
   Have you heard of Houston? Minnesota? Nebraska? How about the tourist spots in your local district? If you are one of the person belonging to the latter category who knows about it, you will probably understand why am I making such a comparison.
  O.K. You don’t know about the latter, so what ? You are doing good, respectable and just fine. If you give it a thought you don’t need to know about the not so famous local places, culture, food etc. Do you?
  If this is the mentality we are going to see in the future days, think about it – its going to wreak havoc. Take for example our college magazine. Attracting the best minds from in and around places in Udupi and Mangaluru district, our college has an impressive attendance register going by the books. Tulu, the local language is largely exclusive to Mangaluru and Udupi. If by any chance you stumble upon the college magazine, you will really wonder where the college is located! Not even a single article in Tulu !! Even articles in Kannada looks hardly there. You can find plenty of articles in English. Just because English is considered as an official language?
  Although you can brush off that the college is expected to bring out the best engineering talent from around the locality, you fail to put forward an argument when the diminishing level of interest the local literature is attracting is accounted. Can you expect an Australian to write in Tulu(using some script)?
  Meanwhile you can talk about the box-office ratings of the just released box-office hit. Many people seems to be in the know how. Is this because Hindi is the official language ?
  The very reason that the people can work-around these concerns underpins the presence of democracy which secures a person freedom to choice. Can you enforce that regional knowledge of one’s place is mandatory ?
  Take for an example. We all study the states of our country in our high school. In India, there are 28 states. Though we learn(cram) how many of us can recall at the instant ? Who can force us to know all of them ? What if our interest doesn’t match with what is required for a person to be acquainted with ? The question arises – Isn’t it that we know so less about our own country,state,district etc  when we are fed information from around the world?
  One can also argue that with days passing, each person’s life is becoming too complex to handle. Money is playing an important role.Therefore, can justification  be given for one’s ignorance? Will this stance hold good ?
  Aping the capitalist approach since the 1990s, India is hard country to live in these days without money. So, for greater financial satisfaction, is neglecting the local culture and similarly, what is essential  and knowing only matters to you the most the way forward ?


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