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And it repeats..


Image by Andreia via Flickr

These are tough times.Everyone included. Starting from the government which is facing the heat for not tackling the corruption in a stringent manner to the layman who waits for hours to bribe the official to get things done.

Being a part of the community which took science and engineering, I can feel the disillusionment. People discuss it, debate it. With whom? With the people who actually should be lending their ears? They blame the everyday people(myself included) but when it comes to getting things done at hand, how many actually stick on to their principles?

A recent survey shows that among top 10 disciplines which have an edge an over the rest , more than 7 fields are related to engineering. On the other side, we have the ‘starving artist’ and the rest.

If the raucous people in the science field were to make a such a outcry, they could indeed have studied the Arts and the Humanities courses. [Un]Knowingly, they want their position secure by earning more that modest income.[Some genuinely pursue science right from their childhood with extreme inquisitiveness, we don’t question them].

Ironically ,what could happen to a person who enters politics and the associated fields without filling their stomachs? They would be left high and dry. We have more than sufficient instances(right here in Karnataka) where a real politician who articulates very well in the Parliament or Vidhana Sabha being left out to favour well-to-do fellow politicians.

What to do? Earn well and continue criticizing or give up the high-profile fields and get to the ground to really shake up a few things?

Who’s to blame? I think, this cycle repeats just like John Sebastian Bach‘s Canons or Escher ‘s Waterfall drawing above.

P.S: Science is being treated as a leftover though it deals with the fundamentals of the nature. Engineering, which brings the science to everyday life, is a hot area of study if the trend here in India are anything to go by. Again, the question, the “real” Science or the “application” Engineering?{I’m studying to be a major in Computer Science and Engineering, how real is that?}.

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