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Thus I decide to die???

It’s ironical that I am writing something like this on my birthday when talking about the birth is the norm rather than death but, it is a thought that is recurring.

Suicide is not a big thing here. Every day hundreds of farmers commit suicide. News coverage is nearly zero! On the other hand, if someone (read a MNC or a big-company-employee) commits suicide we have it on the front page of the regional section. Utter bias!!!

John Donne, a metaphysical poet, was saddened by each man’s demise. In his words:

Each man’s death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls
It tolls for thee.

How many would care like that??

The mystery that is bothering me is why did David Foster Wallace kill himself? Depression taking over? Hemingway might have been devastated because of the double accident in his later years . Finally, giving himself being unable to endure the pain. Why did David do it? We might reason, but we would never know what was in his head that moment when he pulled the trigger or the thought process that led to this.

P.S: Google for “ways to commit suicide.” Interesting stuff. BUT DON’T TRY IT.YOU HAVE BEEN CAUTIONED.

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