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It was in August 2010 that I decided to join the ACE committee to be the department editor for the current academic year. That started it all. Over the next 8 months, all the work has gone to make this magazine as an interesting one  in spite of a number of hardships.

The initial plan was to publish a newsletter every month. That would total to eight issues by the end of the academic year. Then as the days passed, an initial design was drawn up to be discarded within few days. What was eight issues become four, then reduced to two(one per semester) and finally to one per year. The number of copies being printed had to be drastically cut because of the finances(seems the recession hit our number of prints as well) down to 50, when it was released on April 20, on our CS day.

A special mention has to be done about Rohit, my fellow editor. Though I did all the typing and editing, he was at most times busy handling the design stuff. Each revision affected his work in a harder way than it did for me.

Finally, it has been extremely satisfying to be a part of something being done for the first time. The entire experience starting from the day we went to Mangaluru in search of a low-cost printing press to times we had to sit together to select the font out of the entire set has taught us a lot of lessons.


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