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Era of Abundance

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Today we had a talk(why was it called a pre-placement talk?) by Kalyan Bannerjee, Senior Vice President of Mindtree, as well as one of the founders of MindTree. I will share what he talked about today and add few of my observations.

Mr. Kalyan initially talked about Mindtree later moving on to the subject he was interested to speak about,”Being Engineers in the coming decade.” He elaborated on three points namely, Indian as leaders,the days of abundance, and ability of acquire new set of skills quickly.I will highlight only the second point as the other two points are not so important(my personal opinion).

Speaking of abundance, he gave the example of a person’s dilemma buying a toothpaste when we would be given 5 varieties of toothpaste in a grocery store or may be 40 varieties on the shelf at a supermarket.He could easily get away in the first scenario as the number of choices are less. The freedom to choose is a hampering factor when presented with many choices, which was thought to help us in making the right decision.The difficulty in selecting 10 candidates out of 1000 applicants is more tougher than choosing 5 people out of 10 candidates. That previously the fulcrum of education was finding a job, after the education setting aside rest of the priorities. But from now on, there won’t be dearth of money,knowledge.Instead a bounty of it.We need to decide what we will do that will enhance the professional as well as the personal life of each one of us rather than trying to get a job.

As to others things, he quoted a CTO of a telecom company who said way back in 1998 that 80% of the work in 1998 would be obsolete by 2008 that rang the bells for the engineers of that age to prepare for the battle of survival by embracing the new skills.

Now, few of my observations.Abundance, no one can get enough of it. Previously what was thought to aid is the biggest obstacle nowadays. Take the example of a Google Search for a keyword.When a simple keyword would result in at least hundreds of results, think about the other choices we have to make from a plethora of options. The pen we choose to write in; the notebooks we buy, the mobile phone we purchase,the websites we visit, the time we interact with others(online/offline),the movies we watch, the books we read, the places we visit.

Getting it right ,worth our taste,truly inspiring us is what matters,isn’t it?

(More of his ideas can be found here.)

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