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According to a recent finding, 50% of the tweets consumed are produced by top 20,000 elite users. Leading the pack are media outlets, which are followed by celebrities.

What does Twitter expect from its users? Being online all-time (?).After all, Twitter is a globalized version of texting, with broadcast featured included. The concept of micro-blogging or capturing real time with a message (tweet). But seriously, how many of us would require updates minute to minute basis? That might have mattered if we were on the periphery limits of Fukoshima power plant recently, waiting for evacuation orders from the security experts. How much difference does it make knowing that the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper lost the vote-of-confidence motion by reading it next day in the newspaper or reading it in a blog few hours later?

The gluttony of information, the pressure to consume them all will take a toll someday, I believe. Instead one could also make use of Twitter to follow only a few, far away from the glare of following a number of celebrities or trending topics such as @BronxZoosCobra .

Maintaining an account seems like a daunting task. First, follow all your close friends, and then move on to acquaintances. Stop!!! You lose your track if you start following a garrulous media outlet. For a person like me, who frequents only once a day, who subscribed to a number of organizations, the tweets that were laid on the home page, the number of tweets to transverse were terrifying. Most of the tweets would be a link to a web page on the sender’s website. Searching for a tweet by a friend would be similar to a search and rescue operation undertaken under rubbles after an earthquake.
Another issue is concerning the extent of information regarding a celebrity we should consume.Talking of a few , should a person follow them through the day, looking through all their twitpics? Do they matter so much? Knowing where they were that night? The food they tasted, the mood there are at that moment? When our day is filled with so many activities, can we afford to have all those? If we can’t, what is the use in following them?

One way would be to use a desktop app like TweetDeck. That doesn’t help when it comes to using Twitter on smartphones or mobiles. Another way out is to maintain two profiles preferably, one public following news outlets, celebrities etc. and an another, sort of ,private following only friends to get the best of both the worlds. A third, if necessary, could be a specific mixture of both. Where am I heading? Multiple identities?

What kind of account do you possess? Is it liberal with regard to list of following or limited to a few? Do you get time to see each individual tweet? If so, how do you do that? There could be a lesson for me, who is presently wary of accounts filled with hundreds of ‘following’.

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