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Completing a Book

It is been ages(literally) I completed reading a book. I heard from many people about this man, Joe Girard and his book,How To Sell Yourself , and his convincing style of inspiring people. Although I read concurrently many books at a time( 6 right now), always for something or the other I fail to touch the finish line. A fortnight ago, when I saw the book who possessed the book , I made up my mind to finish reading it.

The other day I was reading an article about the Internet and how it makes you feel wanting for more and that ‘satisfaction’ of completing a read. Read a piece of writing will direct you to another site, thanks to the hyperlink. I don’t mean to saw it not helpful but definitely, the sense of completeness will always evade. The next page loads and it points to more information. This continues on and on till you feel that ‘May be what I read is insufficient.’ This goes on and on because internet is one big universe.

As for as the book is concerned, it makes for a real fast-read. The ‘Do it Know’ present at the end of nineteen chapter summarizes each chapter. To put it more correctly, a chapter explains why each of the idea at the end of the chapter should be followed.

One thing you can take away from the book would be ‘ Law of 250’ . ‘Law of 250’ roughly states that each of our actions manifests directly in 250 people, either positively or negatively. Do a good thing, it will be spread through the word of mouth. Do a bad thing, the wildfire will be spread quickly.

Final Verdict: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers by Sean Covey is far better and more entertaining book.How to Sell Yourself can just fill in for a single Sunday read.

P.S : A very good article on Internet and data-driven life available is here .

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