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Surprise Tests

US Navy 070301-N-9851B-005 Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Jason Dillon and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Ann Hammerer fill in test cycle information during the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam

Today was awful.Two tests back-to-back!!! I barely manage to scrape through in both the tests.Normal tests are O.K and its understandable but I don’t see any logic in surprise tests.Here’s why.

Firstly, see the marks distribution in the curriculum of universities like Stanford etc. When the best don’t make it mandatory,why us?

Secondly, how can a person study daily in anticipation of test the next day? That is really boring. Instead a few stimulating assignments will keep the students on their toes.

Thirdly,Engineering is becoming a de facto Bachelor degree and I believe it should welcome all the people who just want to do Engineering for just a degree.Not just that, people realize their strengths and talents only when ample amount of time is available to them to explore their likings. How can one do that when some are pressurized to score good marks ? Good marks is linked to doing very well in the surprise tests and Bingo, there you have the relation how that can be disastrous. Who knows even the most studious student might have a much better skill in drawing wonderful paintings, or write very good novels,books,articles? Many chose Engineering by chance either because it is the happening thing or someone recommended Engineering as the dream path to money,happiness and …blah,blah,blah . This is especially true at least here in Karnataka.

Even if there is no alternative to explore, objective tests should be the choice for these surprise tests that test the students conceptual knowledge rather than those scary subjective tests which puts everyone off.

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