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Genius at Work

Agreed. The average human expectancy is less than 100 and its much better than the earlier decades thanks to medical innovations, improving standard of living, and more importantly no major wars that would consume people in thousands or millions.What makes me put on my thinking hat is the question that how can a person do astonishing work in any field such a small period of time as 60 or 80 years? Yes, quantitatively as well as qualitatively.

Thomas Edison has 100s of patents to his credit. True, the science temperament was raising in the World during that time, but how could a person discover so many new things? We can say it as out of necessity. But consider Van Von Gogh, the painter who almost painted a new drawing daily in the last two years of his life. Was that out of necessity? Such a copious amount? If they represent one side of scale consider the other.

Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, has the sole book to his credit. An Indian, Arundati Roy, who wrote The God of Small Things, belongs to the same clan. Recently, I heard her telling that she doesn’t mind being called a single-book author, because she wants to writes when she truly feels like writing.

If that be the case, what must have been in the minds of Van Gogh or Thomas Edison?

I can hardly imagine.

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