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Black and White


A weekend is something I always long for. The sheer amount of time to do anything to the fullest can not be replaced any other weekday.So, sensing freedom, Schindler’s list was the film which made my weekend.

I don’t need to tell how good the movie is. One thing that struck me like a lightning was the Black and White effect used. It is so realistic. But wait, is it realistic because its in ‘Black and White’? The days that time were the same as it is now- the bright sunlight, the variants of colour in the sky as the sun comes from East to West, the pitch black nights.What if Schindler’s List was shown in colour? Could it have changed the perception of the days of the yester years? The same feeling as the original ‘Schindler’s List ‘ tries to imprint on us?

Take for example:

  • Avatar(2009) in the not so realistic cameras used in the 90’s. Does that feel the same?
  • Casablanca(1942) using present day technology. Can it evoke the same feeling as it does using the Black and White technology.

Do we like to enjoy old stories in not so good cameras( read colour) and present day movies using cutting edge technologies? Inglorious Basterds(2009) in color which is an example of blending old story with new eyes, is an exception limited to very few films.

One thing seems certain. When we think of 1950s, the images that in all probability strikes us are the black and white ones.We like to see the present days film with all its glory in Colour and branding stories of the previous decades with more coarser technology( read Black and White). It is not that we are allowed to do it. It’s something we love to. Don’t we?

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