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Forgetting Birthdays

It’s become a habit. Each day make a ‘pilgrimage’ to facebook to wish your friends. You get virtual greetings cards and things like that.It gives us wonderfully new ways to wish our dear ones. With this it also brings a deadly weapon: addiction.

Yes,addiction to log in each day to see who are celebrating their birthdays. You can’t just control it.Miss a day, you are sure to repent. Not that this is the first technology to have me kept at bay from writing down the birthdays in a separate book or sheet, but it is surely made me(and everyone else too) more to just store the information in a ‘profile.’ The ‘day of repentance’ comes only when you miss to wish a person just because you thought that Facebook will take care of that and by mistake you happen to have some connection problem some day and in the rush of the day you forget to log in to your facebook account.This is the third time I am in such as situation.

A good solution would be to keep a hand-made list ready not as backup but a list one should refer daily. Facebook home page can just act as a reminder.

A still better option would be to use the weapon these technologies/innovations are making us forget- the indispensable human brain.

P.S: A great article in New Yorker about Mark Zuckerberg is here.

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