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Conducting a Quiz for the first time and aftermath

What it was and it wasn’t

It all started on last Sunday. After a semester of wish, I started to gather the useful piece of information I had written all over my old notes,new notes,record books,bits of paper to prepare a “wonderful quiz.”After two days of creating power point presentation for the perfect images, I was done on Saturday. The questions piled up one after another finding for that some hole that was the door to being on the presentation. A lot of filtering took place. From removing a question about Mulholland Drive to delete a question identifying Mohiniyattam as a dance form, that was a rather difficult period.

On the face of it, today’s quiz, which was hosted by me, had some undeniable truths

  • It bore my signature questions
  • It was very tough and standard too!!( Got the ironical compliments from many)
  • People have done really bad because of above truths.
  • Questions looked tougher when compared to easier answers.

The initial reactions was that of awe and shock seeing unorthodox questions.What I wanted to offer was something unconventional. But there were many mistakes I made. A few of them are:

  • I gave a misleading clue during the quiz.
  • Connect questions were one after the another without break in the middle.
  • Connect questions could have been renamed like ” what is in common” etc.
  • Could have had popular taglines instead of last lines.

The psychology of human field is tough for an ordinary man to master. I can hardly imagine how the people might have felt after a heady quiz.

Come on. You can’t expect a question such who is the PM or a CM.Moreover, general quiz can’t be biased towards a single subject.More than variety, more the fun.

A friend standing for the tougher questions by giving an analogy.

” When we go to market to buy the vegetables and suddenly realize the cost has gone up, we can’t afford to come back empty-handed. Buying those vegetables realizing the situation is important.”

Another friend speaking for the amazed takers summed up the quiz nicely:

“People want to feel content about anything.Take the example of an exam. They don’t aspire to get 90 plus.What they want is the passing mark of 35+. If they get around 50 or so they realize that is a lot of scope of improvement. 35 or less makes them shattered. This is what happened.Your questions made them fail just like an rare tough university paper.”


Whatever,those of you who prepare to conduct a quiz for the first time: “Pass everyone”

Quiz questions along with answers is here(Scribd).

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