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Striking at the wrong moment

In India, bandhs are not infrequent. Petrol price hike, highway toll increase , against the pathetic state of highways- be it National Highway or not- you name it, we celebrate(?) that with a call to down the shutters.

Yesterday too we observed a bandh in Karnataka.Considering that the call was done only one day before, it was fast.My point is was the bandh really necessary?

The same situation happened in 1995 when the Governor of Tamil Nadu gave permission to prosecute then incumbent Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ms. Jayalalitha.So its not a new thing. I don’t know whether there was any call to observe bandh that time, even if that was the case it really does not matter now. What I know for sure it was wrong doing it this time.Everyone knows that Chief Minister is facing serious charges for nepotism by denotifying Government lands according to his wish and will.Although we can take that Governor is transgressing his gubernatorial circle, there is nothing wrong in giving a go-ahead signal against a person who is guilty.

Schools, colleges were closed. Approximately 2000 crores was lost because of the bandh.Considering that each person works for 8 hours, if we assume that 20 million people went unproductive, we lost 160 million hours of productivity. If we compare that on a physical balance, can a individual match with that of lost hours? Can he ever help in recovering the loss? Additionally, how many daily wage labors lost their bread? More importantly, at least 10 million students lost their school time when they were supposed to acquire the knowledge that matters.When there is cut-throat competition can we afford to commit such a foolish act?

By observing a bandh we were made to accept that we are publicly supporting a person against whom there is irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing.Whatever it is, we should not let a bandh reoccur for a similar reason.

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