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Getting Serious About University Lands

If everything according to the Cabinet decision taken by Government of Karnataka goes by, 21.08 acres of prime land belonging to Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Sciences University will make way for the construction of bungalows for the members of judiciary.

The land situated roughly six kilometers from Vidhana Soudha, was also on the radar of real estate developers who tried to influence the relocation of veterinary college from Hebbal to Hessarghatta previously.

Now that the Ex Vice Chancellors and the alumni of the university have decided to join hands in protesting against the Cabinet decision, some sort of reconsideration by the Government can be expected regarding the decision.

We can take a leaf from the article written by Chetan Bhagat ( Although he mentions about government buildings such as secretariats etc) written in Sunday Times a few months back. Instead of trying to shift all the Government buildings, educational institutions located around the main buildings such as High Court or Vidhana Soudha why not relocate the High Court or Vidhana Soudha itself? If such a idea was realized,these newly built buildings could kick-start a new economy in a hitherto unknown place outside the city.Doesn’t that seem a good idea? If it doesn’t, then the same should be thought of grabbing the land from the University.

Before the stalemate ensues and the matter is settled, say, after 10 years, it is better to compromise now itself.By then most the now incumbent judges would be retired.If it is settled now at least they can eat the fruit of their proposal . The way forward would be to consider the smaller plots of size 2 to 5 acres available in different locations.

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