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Skills Development

“Everybody is a genius in their own way. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid”, was the SMS I received in the morning which made me to put on the thinking cap. Also we have an option for registering in the “Android Development Program” lined up in the next week which led me to the question – Are those skills (Workshops, skill enhancement programs etc.) absolutely required especially when we are not interested at all?

During each semester break how do we spend the time? Doing something we love doing for the pleasure of it. Something that is creative, maybe. A person who aspires to be a film director, in the beginning makes short films. He watches great films from the stables of different directors. A Literature student may pen down some stories, poems and read some famous authors. Coming to Engineers, how many of us have read a research paper? Did we think of such an idea? At least did we really prepare for any of those?

In my opinion this is where the workshops etc. fit in. These things make us involve in doing something related to our field. It reflects our ability in taking engineering more demandingly as well as more enthusiastically. But are we supposed to let this bug us till the end although we are fascinated by some other stuff?

If we put enough effort in our own endeavor; be it in music, arts, academia- We are the ones the world requires. With the skill set we acquire in that process.

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