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Operating Systems- Two Approaches

Two approaches. One subject- Operating Systems.

Scene One – A typical Vishweshwariah Technological University Exam

    The questions asked are the ones that can be answered if anyone seriously learns by heart the theory. There are no application based questions, though hard to admit.

Scene Two- Stanford University

    The questions are less. Open book and open notes. Question paper set for 100 marks and 3 hours as in the VTU Exam.


A lot.

Recently, I heard that in spite of such a situation, 50% of the graduates who graduate yearly fail to cross the academic requirements set by the corporates. That’s 3 lakh, numerically. When politicians are busy luring foreign university to set their shops here, they ought to think about those who study our own curriculum. Even if they come here, how many can meet the requirements of that standards when many struggle to push through these subjects?

What is required is not Ultra Technological Universities that boasts of modern facilities instead, lakhs of primary schools across the country that focus on basics. The high tech, famous higher level universities can be attended only if the basics are grounded very well. Nowhere in the world a place can be found which is made famous not by its own people. Foreigners might do it in the beginning but after few years it is the people of the land who decide the fate of any institution.

Basic understanding in any technical subject is a prime asset. Fortunate are those who get it here in India in the present time.


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