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Gold at Guangzhou

Karnataka has a lot to feel proud after three Karnataka athletes struck gold. The people of Udupi are more overwhelmed as the two are from this district. While Akkunji Chidananda Ashwini made her own the gold medal in 400m hurdles, Mamatha Poojary was a member in the Indian Kabaddi team that won the first place which included Tejaswini V Bai, also from Karnataka. The games were not bad for India too as it bettered its highest medal tally to 64.

Ashwini wouldn’t have brought home two gold medals if not for the encouragement from her parents. Noticing her talent at an early age, they made sure that her hard work would reap fruit. Mamatha, who works for Railways, was encouraged by her family as well. It is interesting to note that the rich are not particularly fascinated by track events. They are the ones who love Golf, Tennis and such. Perhaps, it is because of colonial hangover. While speaking of those who are not so rich, being a sportsperson is like a taking a shot in a bungee jump .In the present day, when the money meant to be given to aspiring athletes many a times they are eaten in the middle. This is true for unpopular events track and field events. How many of us care about archery, or volleyball? In the presence of cricket, other games are belittled. We know more about Nayan Mongia than P.T. Usha. Even many footballers were in unhealthy financial family before they rose to fame. Zinedine Zidane, born to Algerian immigrants was raised in a small locality in Marseille, France. Just like him, they work hard unsure of the events folding before them in the future. Is that what pushes them at every step?

We may not know whether the next champion/star is amongst us. Certainly, in the end they are the ones who make us feel proud.


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