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Compiler Design

Did you get scared reading the weird word? I was.

More than that I was excited since I even heard that it is the continuation of Finite Automata and Formal Languages (FAFL) course we took in 4th semester. After three months of experiencing it I can only tell it is amazing but not so if you happen to take the subject in our university curriculum. We learn the problem and the way it is solved although you find yourself later pondering how in the first place you got the algorithm!! It’s because we either have the time in semester schedule to learn them or we ignore them. Luckily, we have it as one of our core subjects. Five years back it was an elective and the thought that comes with the subject would freak the minds of students not to opt it. Recently I happened to read a blog, Rich Programmer Food, written by Steve Yegge, which speaks of the necessity of learning compiler design by a programmer. He speaks of writing a compiler yourself to get the subject right. But here we even won’t think of it, do we?

Top universities around the world insist on assignments. How many assignments do we write? Since we aren’t taught to write even simple assignment but are made only to cram we can barely manage to write a simple essay as required by a 12th grader.

Not the students fault .Can’t blame the Profs.

I can only wait for things to change. If not me, at least my juniors might be heavily benefitted by such a kind act.











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