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Benin and Rest of the World

It is safe to assume that not many know that there exists a country called Benin. More so that it is situated in the western part of Africa. When this is the condition, how many know that Benin is seeing the worst flooding since 1963?

In addition to some fifty or so people being killed, hundreds are rendered homeless after the downpour which as twice that of the usual. More than 600,000 have been affected in two-thirds of Benin. Huts situated near the water are inundated by water as high as two meters. Because of the overflow of water from public toilets, there is grave danger of waterborne diseases as there is chance of the same water being mixed with the water used for cooking, drinking and bathing.

U.N, World Food Programme and others are first to react to this faintly reported tragedy.

Imagine what would have happened if such a thing in more powerful economy? As always, where there is the money, there goes the talking.


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