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Tulu as the third language

In what appears to be a paradoxical situation, the acceptance of Tulu as the third language for 6th Standard students in the two coastal districts of Karnataka has hit a roadblock according to The Hindu. Tulu Sahitya Academy, which distributed about 8,000 textbooks to various schools based on demand 10 days back, has received feedback saying that parents of the students were interested in letting their ward learn Hindi rather than Tulu. They were of the opinion that Tulu could be taught as an optional language -with only oral examination to check the progress.

It is a glaring evidence of how a major language such as Hindi crumples a minor language. It’s really sad that the students who speak Tulu as their mother tongue are denied an opportunity to learn the language in written form because of their parents’ persistence, as in the case of many. From whom do the Tulu writers write for if such a humble beginning is facing such a serious setback? The question of language itself is at stake.

Globalization has made people less concerned about culture, language learnt since money is more important now than ever before. It’s not their fault; blame it on the system. In the present case, parents were insisting that Hindi marks should appear in the marks card.

Although the State Government issued an order allowing Tulu to be taught as third language, if the present situation fails to trickle down, surely the effort of Tulu Sahitya Academy will go down in the records with just a mention.

Hope that things get better soon!

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