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Crisis Of a Comedian

Movies are a favorite pastime of many. The language may vary, but the medium remains the same. Comedy can lighten a moment in the midst of a boring narrative.

Come out of the theatre, the next thing you remember that you saw in the movie are the comedy scenes.

Producing a movie is really an exciting high investment business. The pay levels of the contributing side artists or the technicians are paltry unless they are renowned for their work. Huge chunk of the capital goes to pay the actors, who fail to bring in the audiences to the theatre.

Rathanakar, a well-known comedian of the yore of the Kannada Film Industry, was recently hospitalized. After the media coverage about his illness the Government came forward to pay his hospital expenses since it was unbearable to him. Presently, he is recuperating at his residence as his unable to bear the continuing hospital expenses.

Instead of paying a few single artist heavy amount, if the investment is distributed and the remuneration is increased to all the contributing artists, technician, workers  then the living condition of all the concerned in the venture will improve. Today this has happened to a comedian, tomorrow may be a supporting actor ,or a light boy, or a driver, or a food manager or anyone we shall never see, hear, read about can be the next victim. Who is going to report about them?

It is sad that when a comedian is going through a rough time there is no one to lighten up his moment.

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