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Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarian Food

The question of why the Brahmins have practiced Vegetarianism is intriguing. From the earlier times when food was scarce, the animals were hunted, we now have separate bunch of people who are Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian¸ Vegan and so on. Let us look from the health perspective. Brahmins were those who did not do laborious work in the field, save a few. The lower caste people worked all day long in the fields. So, if the non-Brahmins consumed high fat, high calorie non-vegetarian food they compensated that simply working in the field. It just was not something that raised many an eyebrow. As a consequence, irrespective of eating vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food all had a moderate build. But the point to be questioned is, whether the Brahmins gave up non-vegetarian food keeping the health point of view?

P.S: Brahmins are taken just as an example. May be we can extend to all those who gave up eating non-vegetarian food.

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  1. June 4, 2011 at 21:02

    In hinduism it was due to the rise of buddhism which almost threathened to wipe out hinduism it was so popular. Many liked the new religion, without kaste, which advocated for vegetarianism. The brahmin priests cleverly solved that by swallowing as much as possible of buddhist teachings to prevent their religion from dying.

    And why did Buddha advocate vegetarianism? Ahimsa – the idea that one should not kill other living beings, which also includes the idea that humans are not superior to the other living beings of our world as the monoteist religions tend to believe.

    Generally I think most food preferences which don’t have a direct practical application/approach probably all boil down to philososphy – one’s ideals and possibly sense of superiority…

    • June 5, 2011 at 16:06

      I totally agree with you.Just like the principles we espouse in our life play a prominent role in other matters such as relationships, so do the ideals one believes in regarding the food habits.
      About Buddhism as an alternative to Hinduism without caste, I never thought about it that way.Thanks for widening my perspective.

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