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Every now and then it is quite common to hear about deaths because of stampede during temple festivities.Recently, it happened in Puri, Orissa, India. I wonder what would happen if all the Hindus had a single god to worship in a single temple.May be, in such a case, the god would be a super god.

Religion is something that stays with people all through their lives and each passing day.So, it is essential to see their beloved God at least once a week or so. That includes daily darshans, pooja, annual festival and so on.That is the reason why we have temples in each village;each family has family god;each village has its own residing deity.

If people everywhere would be contented with their own family god/goddesses, village god/goddesses then, you wouldn’t have found Tirupati where people throng the place in lakhs;Rath Yatra in Puri would still be a dream.Consequently, no death arising out of stampedes.

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